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Who controls those who would control you?


Executive Order (EO) 12958 was designed to prevent overclassification of federal documents through improved standards for government classifiers; and, more importantly for the public, it promoted openness by emphasizing declassification of documents, especially for specific records of permanent historical value.

Executive Orders

Since WWII, the U.S. government has had contingency plans in preparation for a large scale disaster or attack. However, during the last twenty-five years--beginning with civil unrest at the height of the Vietnam War--the government's plans have increasingly been on focused ways of controlling political dissent.

Thy Brother's Keeper

Executive Order 12148 detailed on the site.


Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, Classified F.B.I. "X-Files" are now available for public review.


The FTAA threatens to commodify our lives by turning over the control of our schools, electricity, water, and food to corporations whose only interest is more profit.