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So what is it that you want to know?

Are you really that bored? Or are you a voyeur in need of a fix?

Would you like to know my sign? Or my physical stats? You've seen a million and one personal pages with that info on it. Who really cares? Would you really like me to ramble on about myself, pretending that someone out there is actually interested in my likes and dislikes other than myself? Does my age make a difference? Do you really want to know why I chose to take up bandwidth and create a page that will only interest a few people?

The truth is all to simple I'm afraid. I put this page here for me. To entertain myself and the few people I call "friends". I did not create it with anyone else in mind. I am not concerned with how many hits the page generates, or for that matter if anyone "likes" it. As you can tell by my counter, no one ever comes here anyway. If you have some how happened across this page and it entertains you, great!
. . . .
I am just making it clear that this is not a "Glorify Thyself" page.

I reserve those types of pages for those worthy of glory. I don't dislike standard personal pages, but I don't fit into the "Worthy of Glory" category. The views, intrests, and philosophies presented within these pages are mine. I'm not trying to convince or convert anyone, nor impose my opinion. I do not mind if you disagree or even think me foolish. You are more than entitled to your opinion.

If you would like to know personal information about me, or you're bored enough to want a list of my favorite movies, books, ect. Use the email link on my main page or request it on the Message Board, and I'll see what I can do for you.

If you take something good with you by visiting my site, or if you just take some graphics or a catch phrase, you have my blessing.