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Time Cube?

~ or ~

Time Square?

Well, I've been around my share of "crazies", God knows. Hell, I was even "mentally divergent” for a period. I’ll go into that on another page. But the author and Webmaster of the TimeCube page takes the cake for now.

Mr. Ray, the aforementioned webmaster, actually pays for a domain and web-hosting, so that he may proclaim his insanity to the civilized world. This paradigm that he attempts to explain sounds like part of one of those conversations that gets started when everyone in the room is completely baked, and pondering the mysteries of the universe. You know one of those… “ You know man, if the world ran Backwards … Firemen would actually be arsonists” conversations.

Mr. Ray uses his internet pulpit to speak out against the evils of education, and standard mathematics, as well as the English language. He wants his readers to realize that God is a lie, but in the same breath he warns them to prepare for Armageddon. I won’t bore you with a more detailed break-down of this site. If you want to read a great review of it, please visit Reality Check/ Catty

My diagnosis is simple Schizophreniform Disorder.

Diagnostic Criteria

Two (or more) of the following, each present for a significant portion of time during a 1-month period):

* delusions
* hallucinations
* disorganized speech (e.g., frequent derailment or incoherence)
* grossly disorganized or catatonic behavior
* Learning Problem
* Hypo-activity
* Guilt/Obsession
* Odd/Eccentric/Suspicious Personality
* Anxious/Fearful/Dependent Personality
* Dramatic/Erratic/Antisocial Personality

I also wrote to Mr. Ray concerning his site. I was feeling a little caustic that day and I admit I may have been a little hard on him. He never responded. Oh well.

My letter to him is as follows:

Mr. Ray,

1: You do realize that the name of your reality paradigm must be changed to Time Square instead of Time Cube, considering that a Cube actually has 24 corners instead of four. ( 6 sides 4 corners each)

2: Do you oppose education due to the fact that you misspelled it three times on your web page, or did you just not like school?

3: Did your Hooked On Phonics record have a scratch in it?

4: If reality is an illusion confined by a cube, given the properties of time lines existing simultaneously in a cube, then we would actually have SIX days coexisting at once instead of four. Do you think that basic mathematics is EVIL too?

5: Why do you attempt to prove a Reality Paradigm based on a mathematical formula when you can't even multiply and divide simple equations?

6: Do you realize that "Cornerism" is not actually a word?

7: Did you know that a Pyramid is a three dimensional object with 16 corners not 4?

8: Have they identified your particular form of schizophrenia?

9: Did you not hear the announcement when they said to "Not eat the brown acid"?

On further evaluation of your preposterous theory, I have made some observations that might help you assign a Point to your incessant paradigm ramblings.

In three-dimensional space coordinates, the distance, D, between two points is mathematically calculated as:

D= square root of X squared +Y squared +Z squared

Now let's include time into the equation. Let's call the distance, or separation between two events, S; and call the time element t.

S= square root of X squared +Y squared +Z squared -t squared

Space and time are thus shown as opposites. And in order for them to be opposites they must be inversely identical.

Now, in order for an observer to perceive an event, the total distance of separation (S) between the observer and the observed has to be zero. In other words, my here-now is perceiving your there-then, but when we view space-time as a single entity a total cancel-out occurs! There is no distance! The separation only occurs when your mind insists on splitting space from time!

The infinite, absolute and limitless has become this limited universe (not really, but for you it seems to be so) through the veil of space-time fragmentation. Space-time is one illusion, a single mistake, a misperception induced by a misconception.

On a side note, if you wish for people to even consider your point of view you will need to have a point of view to consider. Sentence fragments, and redundant formulas based on equations that do not even factor out, do not make you appear enlightened. However, to use your own words they make it appear as though you were "Educated stupid".

Thanks for the laughs!

~ Micah